Barça Innovation Hub and Canon Medical present

Global Sports Medicine Forum

Hear from world leaders in Sports Medicine

Hear from world leaders in Sports Medicine led by Dr. Gil Rodas Font, of the Department of Knowledge & Innovation, FC Barcelona's highly acclaimed Innovation Hub, as they share their knowledge and insights on managing the health and wellbeing of elite athletes.
The program's focus is on the importance of diagnosis in the treatment and management of muscle and tendon injuries, and the impact on return to play success.
Live ultrasound scanning, demonstrating the latest techniques in diagnosis and hi-resolution will be performed by Dr Inigo Iriarte, a world leading educator in the use of ultrasound for pain and rehabilitation management in MSK related disease.
The day's events will be rounded out with the opportunity to assess player performance during a live viewing of the first RWC 2019 semifinal match, while networking with speakers and delegates.

Saturday 26 October

Toranomon Hills 5F, Tokyo JAPAN

Registration / Ultrasound Demonstration9:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m.
Educational Sessions10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Viewing of RWC 2019 semi-final5:00 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.

Barça Innovation Hub and Canon Medical present

Global Sports Medicine Forum

Learn from leading experts responsible for the wellbeing of some of the world’s most famous elite sport professionals, about the latest “return to play” expertise and management, delivered via case study presentations and live scanning demonstrations.

souProgram Convener:
Prof. Tsukasa Kumai
Faculty of Sport Science
Waseda University
souProgram Convener:
Dr. Gil Rodas
Barcelona Sports Medicine Physician
Dept of Knowledge & Innovation FC Barcelona, FMCE-FIFA Spain
Director of Sports Medicine Department of Hospital Clínic i Provincial, Barcelona
Dr. Ramon Balius
Diagnostic Imaging & Sports Medicine Specialist.
Sports Catalan Council, Generalitat of Catalonia Clinica Diagonal Barcelona.
Consultant of Watford FC
Dr Sandra Mecho
Assistència Sanitaria Col.legial,
Hospital de Barcelona, Barcelona.
FCB Barcelona Medical Center, Barcelona
Dr. Luis Mendia
Medical Education Manager at World Rugby
Associate Specialist in Anaesthesia and ICU ,
University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire (UHCW) NHS Trust,
UK Team doctor of Saracens RFC
souLive Ultrasound Scanning & Instruction:
Dr. Iñigo Iriarte
Medical Specialist in Rehabilitation & Physical Medicine.
Professor of Ultrasound of the Spanish Society of Rehabilitation & Physical Medicine.
Director ARS Medical, Bilbao
Consultant of Athletic Bilbao F.C. Medical Services
Prof. Toru Fukubayashi
Research Professor
Ariake University of Medical and
Health Sciences
Dr. Toru Okuwaki
Chief Researcher
Director of Sports Medical Center,
Japan Institute of Sports Science
Japan Hight Performance Sports Center
Prof. Shumpei Miyakawa
Professor, Orthopedic Surgeon Dept.
University of Tsukuba
Dr. Sadao Niga
Jin Orthopedic & Sports Clinic
Medical Director
Urawa Red Diamonds
Dr. Akira Maeda
Hakata Knee & Sports Clinic
Visiting Professor
Department of Sports Medicine and Science,
Faculty of Human Health, Kurume University
souUltrasound Scanning & Instructions:
Dr. Shu Takahashi
East Aoba Orthopedic Clinic
souUltrasound Scanning & Instructions:
Dr. Jun Sasahara
Chief of Medical Department,
Teikyo University Institute of
Sports Science and Medicine

Program (subject to change)

"The importance of diagnosis in the assessment of muscle & tendon injuries"

The importance of diagnosis in the assessment of muscle & tendon injuriesProf. Tsukasa Kumai
Challenges in managing muscle & tendon injuriesDr. Gill Rodas
Understanding muscle injuries - anatomyDr. Ramon Balius
The role of imaging in diagnosis, management and longer term follow upDr. Sanda Mercho
Muscle & tendon injuries in SoccerDr. Ramon Balius
Live demonstration - ultrasound scanning of muscle & tendon injuries:Part 1Dr. Iñigo Iriatre
Muscle & tendon injuries in RugbyProf. Nicolas Sans
Live demonstration - ultrasound scanning of muscle & tendon injuries:Part 2Dr. Iñigo Iriatre

*Final program will be available by July 30.

Networking opportunity & RWC 2019 Semi Final match viewing

Live match broadcast available following the seminar!!

Viewing of RWC 2019 semi-final
5:00 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.

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